Monday, 21 October 2013

Audrey the star?

Hello lovely readers, how have you been? I have been busy applying for new housing, me and the husband have been told we are moving up country to pastures new.

When this move will take place is as yet no entirely known as it all depends on when a house can be given to us by the MOD. I have to say I am excited for new challenges and a change of scene but I will miss all those at my drama club. Talking of which I am rehearsing with my group for Act 2 for a cabaret performance at the end of the month. All is going well (touch wood) and it has been great fun getting to sing songs from les miserables and other famous musicals.

Also I have just started rehearsing for a stag version of David Copperfield that will be performed at the end of August i have two small parts (both of which i am really pleased at getting) but more excitedly the have asked my for my dog Audrey to be included in the cast! So she is going along for a an introduction session to see if she likes being a theater pup on Friday. I am sure she will get in to character easily as the dog she will play gets lots of cuddles and fuss!

I really hope she gets along well and can be included and doesn't get scared cause if she doesn't like it nothing will be forced, however she is a cutie and I am sure that she won't mind being fawned over once a week for a few weeks! I have a star in the making!! Thanks for reading, hope you are having a good week so far and happy hump day all

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