Monday, 21 October 2013

Getting Back on my feet after 2 years


How long has it been? 2012 so far has been a funny sort of year, I have been doing a lot of soul searching and trying to get back my fight and inspiration after the rubbish year that was 2011. It is already Autumn, time seems to be flying this year. As I have said in the past the Autumn and Winter months are always my favourite. I love hot drinks, pumpkin based foods, warm jumpers and coats, crunchy red leaves, chilly frosts, cosy cuddles and so much more. This year September is bringing a season of new starts and adventures for me. I have moved to Oxfordshire, a beautiful part of the country and a lot nearer to home. I have started gardening again, just a few shrubs an herbs. I have got my bike out of retirement and have lots of autumn rides planned and I have even started on the path to a new career. I incorporating my love of health and working out in to my professional life and taking my first steps to becoming a fitness instructor! I hope to launch a new blog related to that at some point. I have finally got my inspiration back and will be what I have aimed to do all year and actually re-launch Wilde Snapdragon. Life is moving on and I will very soon be 24 but I am finally getting back to me and that is so much better than trying to be someone else.

I have now had this blog for 2 years! For any one who reads anything like regularly then thank you for your support and comments over the last 2 years and I am sorry for my extended absences it has taken me a while, I thought I was ready earlier in the year to get back to blogging and crafting but I was wrong, finally things really are different so thanks for sticking with me and reading my sporadic bloggings.

For any one interested Audrey, my dog, did really well in our production of David Copperfield. It was our perfect swan song to Cornwall. It was a crazy busy week with all the moving stuff going on and nightly performances but in the end it all went well. The move was pretty smooth in the end and we got to spend a couple of days relaxing at home in Shropshire before travelling to our new home in Oxfordshire. We discovered shopping in Waitrose is fun as they have lots of stuff other supermarkets don't they discovered we can only shop there occasionally as it is too expensive, however i will still be popping in for Heston's Popcorn Icecream, Vanilla Chai Latte powder, unusual varieties of veggies and fruit and super yummy bread.

I have also started an Instagram, I have become a bit of an addict lol find my under the name FitnessPixie1, its my life in images, everything from dirty garden hands to all the pictures from me getting back in to baking. There is still a long way to go back I am soaking up my good feelings and trying to spread some positivity. I hope you are all having a brilliant September so far and I hope the new season means some fresh inspiration and new adventures all round.

Thanks for having a read it has been good to blog again.

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