Monday, 21 October 2013

Looking to the future

Well as usual I have been away for longer than I would like. This year has not been an easy one so far. In fact the last two years have been an almost endless series of tough times and difficulties. So after making some big decisions about what comes next and taking a long break on this blog, and getting rid of my website (for now) I am finally ready to start over. I will not be doing any craft fairs for a little while and over the next few months making a slow return to blogging and then later this year I will be re-launching a slightly new look, new product Wilde Snapdragon on this blog, twitter, facebook and Etsy. You can still expect lots of crafting and baking in fact there will be better how-tos, recipes and articles cause I am gonna give more time and thought to making this blog and my Etsy the very best it can be for you my readers and customers. So don't go anywhere I am just warming up. Keep an eye out cause I am coming back better, bigger and stronger than ever!!! Thank for having a read and I will be seeing you soon....

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